The Right Way to Do Rodent Control 


Are rodents ransacking your home or business? If left unchecked, the problem can multiply very quickly. Remove rodents from your residence or business by using our rodent control service in Central FL. We safely trap and remove all types of small animals, as well as prevent them from returning to your property. If you’re squeamish about setting mousetraps or you don’t like the idea of killing rats, we understand. Depend on Adames Pest Solutions, Inc. to address your rodent removal needs in a safe, clean, and reliable way.


How to Catch a Mouse or Rat

A hamster is cute. You may even have a pet mouse or rat. But when one lives in your walls, it is a nuisance. In addition, mice and rats are rapid breeders. Before long, you’ll have more than a few roaming your attic, walls, or crawlspace. Within one year, one female mouse can give birth to as many as 10 litters. What’s more, a single mouse is capable of leaving over 9,000 highly toxic droppings in the same calendar year! If you have mice in the house or you need to get rid of rats, depend on our expert pest control and removal team. We’ll capture every rodent—both big and small.


Why It’s Important to Remove Rodents

They are not only noisy, but rats and mice are also very destructive. They tear through insulation, chew up wood, and infect any surface with their feces and urine. Keep your home or business clean and disease-free with rodent control. Allow us to inspect your property, trap the rodents, and remove these troublesome pests. We’ll also seal up open areas to make sure they do not return again.


Rodent Removal: Humane & Reliable

Rats are very smart animals. If you try to set a trap, you may catch nothing. In fact, they usually recognize a trap when they see it. The team at Adames Pest Solutions, Inc. uses special traps and techniques that are reliable. From small to big rats, we catch them all. Don’t try to trap a rat by yourself. We are experts—let us do it for you!

If you have an infestation, proper pest control management is an essential part of maintaining the structural integrity of your building. For instance, rats and mice tend to chew on electrical wires or burrow into your walls. This makes your structure less stable over time. Our skilled exterminator effectively saves your property from pests that cause damage that result in costly repairs.


Contact us for an inspection if you notice mouse or rat droppings in your home. We proudly serve customers throughout Central Florida.