Do You Need a Thorough Termite Inspection in Central FL?


Eradicate your termite problems! Trust Adames Pest Solutions, Inc. to perform a comprehensive termite inspection. In Central FL, our pest control company provides real solutions that work! Since termites can quickly destroy the structural integrity of a building, you need prompt and dependable solutions when we’ve detected them on your property. Prevent thousands of dollars in damages by relying on our expert technicians for termite control.


Complete Protection from Termites

The right way to address a potential termite problem is to stop it from happening. By conducting safe and reliable termite treatment, we offer dependable protection for your structure. Using high-grade products and proven techniques, we eliminate termites at the source and prevent them from returning. Our experienced pest control technicians act fast and systematically when you’re worried about termites. Those who are inexperienced may not recognize serious problems, or they may provide services that you do not need.

Because we have been in the pest control industry for more than 20 years, we know the right spots to target and how to lay traps to catch termites before they cause irreparable damage. Our bait station program keeps you covered throughout the year. Most importantly, we place your wellbeing as our top priority and make sure you receive only the best services that ensure the results you require.


What Are the Signs of Termites?

In your walls, under your home, or in the attic—something is eating away at your home. According to studies, termites damage approximately 600,000 homes every year in the United States alone. When all is said and done, fixing the damage costs more than $2 billion! Contact us for a termite inspection of your property to see if you have an infestation. Some of the signs that indicate you have termites include:

  • Hollow Wood
  • Presence of Winged Insects
  • Cracked Paint on Wood Surfaces
  • Mud Tubes on Walls
  • Termite Droppings (Frass)
  • Wood Floor Damage
  • Sagging Wood Sections


Don’t Live with Wood-Destroying Bugs

Termites aren’t the only bugs that like to feed on wood. Other organisms, such as wood-boring bugs, certain types of beetles, and carpenter ants eat away at wood structures as well. For termite prevention and wood-destroying insect removal, turn to our specialists for a thorough and honest evaluation of your property.


Contact us to get started with your termite inspection. We proudly serve customers throughout Central Florida.